Game Art · UI · VFX

VFX Reel Shot Breakdown

0:06 – Heralds of Chaos – Unit and Map FX for a Web-Based Hardcore Strategy Game
0:31 – Full Screen Motion Graphics for an Untitled Spinoff Game based on Heralds of Chaos
1:04 – In-Game FX for Hordes of Nords, a multiplayer Tower Defense iOS Game

Demo Reel Shot Breakdown

0:05 – Rumble Kitten Trailer – Storyboarding, direction, animation.
0:18 – Monster Galaxy Trailer Fight Montage – Character and camera animation, layout, planning.
0:33 – Monster Galaxy Trailer Character Pan – Layout, animation.
0:36 – Heralds of Chaos Trailer Battle Montage – FX animation, background parallax layout and planning.
0:45 – Kalamari Kastle Logo – Logo design, animation.
0:47 – Watermeat animation – Modeling, concept, animation.
0:53 – Mozes Logo – Storyboarding, direction.
0:59 – ‘zOMG!’ Trailer- Planning and animation.


Untitled Platformer (2013)

Pre-alpha in-game screenshots of a “roguelite” platformer being developed in Construct 2. Responsible background/character/monster artwork and animation, as well as game design and map layout.

A few animated teaser gifs are available here.


Dance Boulevard Poster & Flyer Designs (2014)

A small selection of posters designed for a local dance studio.


Rumble Kitten Character Designs (2012)

Character concepts and illustrations for Rumble Kittens on iOS.


Monster Galaxy Lotto Wheel (2011)

Designed layout/composition, painted background and oversaw animation for this lottery wheel.

[View interactive swf]


Selected Monster Galaxy Designs (2011)

Painted and designed a wide variety of unique monsters to fit specific themes related to zodiac signs, elements and target demographics.


Summer Springs Emotes & Harvesting Feedback (2011)

Conceptualized and illustrated sprites for emote animations and visual rewards for harvesting.

[View interactive swf] – click trees and water drops for animation


Ocean Party Lotto Ticket (2010)

Designed layout and retro background graphics for ocean party’s lotto number selector.

[View interactive swf]


Ocean Party Lotto Wheel (2010)

Designed layout/composition, painted background and oversaw animation for this lottery wheel.

[View interactive swf]


Ocean Party/Gaia Aquariums (2009)

Animations of selected fish for Ocean Party/Gaia Aquariums.

[View animated swf]


Ocean Party/Gaia Aquarium DESIGNS (2009)

Created vector shapes for a variety of fish and other sea animals, separated and optimized for flash-based animation.


Halloween Wallpaper (2007)

Modeled in Maya 2007, rendered with mental ray. Responsible for modeling and composition.


zOMG Player Animations (2007)

Animated a variety of attacks, heals and buffs for Gaia Online’s ‘zOMG!’ MMORPG. The requirement of retrofitting existing flattened avatars into animation presented a unique challenge – suggesting motion without the advantage of animating individual pieces.
Each skill has four attack levels, accessed via the four bottom buttons. The “ring type” button in the lower-right corner switches between each skill.

[View interactive swf]