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Träumerei! 2019

LEAVING PARIS, NEXT STOP: RÜDESHEIM AM RHEIN One of those in limbo days. We had to wake up early to get to the train on time. Since it was going to take a while I used this time to do some catch up with work. In Paris, I can sort of get around despite the…

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Fêtes Galantes! 2019

This is probably one of my biggest and longest trips to date. We couldn’t resist adding Fêtes Galantes to the start of our journey over to Germany for Träumerei. Big ball-gowns, big wigs, and partying it up in Versailles? Definitely something not to miss! I also had the pleasure to travel with Slav for part…

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Rosé Forêt

So I am still settling into my role with Bay Area Kei (BAK) as a newly appointed video editor. There was a post asking if anyone was available to do video edits and motion graphics and I happily volunteered. To provide some context here, my demo reel is in a state of poor neglect; I…

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