Rosé Forêt

"Join Obsixwi, Sara Bread, Mindy, and Sporkii from the Bay Area Kei team in a Get Ready With Me makeup panel! They will each attempt a different floral look while chatting about J-fashion makeup trends, revisiting their own personal makeup journeys, and attempting to answer any questions that are asked in chat!" ... [read more]

Enchanted 2014

We were a group of seven, traveling from various parts of the world to meet up for Enchanted; a Street Fashion Europe event. Out of all the people that were going I only knew one person, which also added to the excitement and absolute terror of being someplace unfamiliar with a bunch of faces I'd seen online but never in person. Jo assured me that everything would be okay, and I put all my faith into that one particular basket. ... [read more]

Gramarye 2020

This dark Halloween spooky event was hosted by Bay Area Kei (otherwise known as BAK for short); a group dedicated to bringing J-Fashion content and events here in the bay. ... [read more]

90s Lilac Dreamscape

I have had this very loose, amorphic, abstract concept for a photoshoot I've had in mind to execute for a very long time but never felt quite prepared to do. But to explain this properly requires a bit of context, so let's start with that. ... [read more]