Garnet Gateau 2021

The event

“Bay Area Kei invites you to to attend Garnet Gateau, a Valentine’s Day J-Fashion Virtual Event! Please join us for a weekend of live-streamed J-fashion panels, social mixers, interactive games, fashion walk, and more. The theme of Garnet Gateau invokes shades of crimson, the sweet taste of desserts, and feelings of luxury and comfort.”

Garnet Gateau. (2021, February 5th). Retrieved from

bak – garnet gateau

Another great event from the BAK team! Despite being someone who doesn’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day I found myself looking forward to attending.

I had done a few different looks leading up to Garnet Gateau. I was inspired to try color schemes of pink and lavender; something I find myself doing due to lockdown.

It was bittersweet to also have this mark the year since I last went out to a nice restaurant. I held a Galentine’s Day party with a few of my friends and my sister. I wanted it to be a dinner that encouraged dressing up in what we felt suited us. I ended up wearing a long burgundy Gunne Sax dress and wore as many matching accessories I could find along with a red wig that matched.

Garnet Gateau would be another get together and be an opportunity to dress up for an occasion.


This time around I made sure to check the schedule to see which panels I wanted to attend. Friday was the first day and I was unable to really go to any of them due to the everyday bustle of work and home, along with my usual cocktail group I host. On Saturday though I chose these ones to visit:

I enjoyed sitting in for the EGL Treats livestream. I didn’t get any of the ingredients or anything but I found it to be a calming experience to watch Allegra and Oriana put together a ruby chocolate ganache tart and love letter hand-pies. It was very much on theme and very charming; the treats looked delightful and seeing the two of them collaborate in the kitchen felt so welcoming and homey. Their matching aprons were adorable! Their panel is available online and they also list the ingredients and recipe if one wanted to give it a go!

Next up was the DIY Sock Plushie Usakumya Craft Workshop. This was another one I enjoyed sitting in on. The panel goes through the process of making a stuffed animal by using a pair of fuzzy socks. Jessica Corlett does a great job in talking you through step by step with Halley making one from scratch alongside for you to watch. I loved the final result so much that I went ahead and made a version of my own afterwards! This workshop is also available to watch as well and there is also a list of materials as well. I found the items not very difficult to find and if you are one who enjoys hand sewing this is a great one to do!

I always look forward to the fashion walk in every event, and this was no exception. I didn’t participate this time around due to obligations but it is still fun to enjoy regardless. The creativity and the variety of brands that are seen and represented are always wonderful. It’s one to thing to see stock photos but it is another to see what they look like worn and on different people. There were also different categories; Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice, which I thought was also a great way to see unique styles. I find it reminiscent of LJ fashion group days in where people would post and share their outfits and the spirit of personality really shines through.

Ero Lolita 101 was the last panel I attended. I found it interesting that some of the research was through old LJ posts; I remember those days and I couldn’t help but feel my age. It kind of felt a journey going through memory lane at times but I really liked the deep dive into explaining a specific style.

These are all available to view! Below is the playlist for Garnet Gateau and I highly recommend taking a look through. I feel that these video panels embodies what the LJ community used to be. A collection of information, styles, and subjects adjacent to the fashion.


I wasn’t able to attend panels due to spending time with my family. I did set aside time to go the Garnet Gateau Social Mixer, which is something I definitely look forward to.

The social tea parties are typically done in two time slots so you can pick the one that works with your schedule. I opted for the later time as I usually do. I have a whole ritual when it comes to getting ready and it’s something I don’t want to rush. After having breakfast or brunch I will take my coffee into my bedroom and spend the time needed to do my makeup, hair, and getting dressed. I play music to get into the mood and it all becomes me time. I leave the door open so my kids can come and talk to me but everyone gets the gist that I’m pretty much unavailable to be the judge of squabbles or having to find lost toys. Sometimes they’ll ask if they could also wear makeup and I’ll give them a choice of lipstick or lip gloss and some blush.

I’ll have my outfit picked already on the bed and splayed out to which I reference often when I am doing hair, makeup, and accessories. Makes it easier to put things together when I have a visual I can draw from. Most of the time the shoes are the first things I think about before the rest of the outfit!

Once I’m all done I’ll have my space set and ready to go before I show up (turn my webcam on). I enjoy having a glass of wine during the social hour along with hors d’oeuvre to settle in. Charcuterie plates are a favorite here at this household.

Rather than having assigned rooms we were allowed to wander around freely, which I really liked. I visited each of the themed rooms but I spent most of my time at Spooky Central, J-Fashion General, and Party Games. I didn’t participate in the scavenger hunt, mostly due to me not knowing about it beforehand. I found all the host(ess) to be delightful and friendly. They all had their own personalities which added to how different the rooms were.

“red, desserts & sweets, jewels, comfort, opulence”

Garnet Gateau. (2021, February 5th). Retrieved from


I think the quote embodies the outfit I wore for the event. After having worn various light color pastels and the like I wanted to go back to what I felt most comfortable in.

This is my interpretation of Ero and a way for me to showcase pretty undergarments I’ve collected. I am quite Spartan when I am ‘off’ or not dressed up. I have a capsule wardrobe of black tops, comfortable leggings, and my undergarments are all the same style (also black). There isn’t any variety or a pop of color; I have this wardrobe specifically with the idea of being able to roll out of bed, pick any of these things and have it all work out without having to think too hard.

When I get dressed for events these are times in where I want to be adventurous and creative.

This outfit has the same make up as the one I wore when I went to see Dita Von Teese but replacing some elements.

Having the combination of the Sheglit top and the red overwire bra creating a heart shape was totally unintentional but befitting for Garnet Gateau.


playful promises

I have a few of these Bettie Page Lingerie overwire bras in different colors. I like to use the longline ones as tops, either with or without straps. They are at an affordable price point if you are thinking of trying one out. It’s a little different from the more modern types and there are bullet bra pads available to help with the shape and fit. The pointed bra lends itself to be a bit more femme fatale which works for this Ero look.

angelic pretty Princess In Love Skirt

I find this skirt to be perfect into marrying the look of something ‘dangerous’ as in the case of the bullet bra with something soft and frilly. I like the overabundance of bows and lace as a call back to the fashion style. I would love to own the dress version of this in black someday!

dark garden corsetry

Garments from Dark Garden Corsetry make their appearances here. One is an off the rack corset from one of the first time I went their store, along with a finishing belt. These two are generally my workhorses when I want to play with shape and structure and I can’t say enough positive things with their work! The corset is underneath the Sheglit overlay and the skirt but layered on top of the bra. Then the finishing belt is the last piece to keep everything together.

All of these create a nice silhouette of a nipped in waist. The skirt along with the petticoat provides a nice contrast and helps to exaggerate the look. When I do these Ero looks I find it surprising that I end up wearing more layers to create the look of being en deshabille. It is very structured but comfortable despite it all.

Rosita Bonita Sacred Heart Earrings
Sheglit “Long tail corset dress”
Dark Garden Corsetry Finishing Belt

Rhapso Broderie

I do have a small web shop that sells brooches and boudoir accessories. I made a few things for this event since I decided to participate as a vendor. It’s not something I update often because this is more of a hobby. I enjoy hand sewing and embroidery and this is a great outlet for me. I am able to get my hands on small pretty things like beads, rhinestones, various passementerie, lace, and fabric to use them in my pieces.


I enjoyed Garnet Gateau and the panels especially. Having a weekend to fully immerse into all things fashioned and surrounded by others who feel the same is such a mood booster for me at a time in where in person gatherings are to be avoided. It’s a nice break from my daily routine here at home and a special thing I can look forward to. I have an outlet in where I can focus on myself and liberating when I have a full time job and a household to run.

If you have any interest with these events I highly recommend going to at least a couple. The first time can feel a bit overwhelming if you’ve never participated in one before (at least I did), and it took me a while to get familiar with the scheduling and choosing what to do. The mixers and tea parties require you to get a ticket but it’s not mandatory if you want to see the different panels. I myself would love to see more people attending!

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