Bibliotheca – April

“April Bibliotheca theme: Intros, thoughts on j-fashion and the state of blogging”

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what j-fashion styles or substyles do you wear

It is difficult to see a distinct separation of styles and substyles in my wardrobe. My perspective when it comes to fashion are to look for things that work in representing me, with labels of type of style being in the backseat. I will mix and mash things up for a look that I am going for. A little bit of glam here, something kitschy or campy there, maybe mix in some j-fashion, something sentimental (I am currently all about wearing the friendship bracelets my children are making), vintage pieces, historical reproduction, and perhaps a pair of designer shoes.

The much shorter answer is: I don’t know.

in what capacity do you usually wear j-fashion

I’m not one who is a daily wearer or aims for the lifestyle. I like to dress up when it comes to shoots, events, and whenever I fancy. During the pandemic I found myself dressing up as a way to break the monotony, little celebrations here in my household, the occasional in-home date, and attending virtual events.

what do you like best about blogging

I was noticing that I kept putting long posts with my Instagram photos. Sometimes I’ll ramble on about something, have to cut it short, and then put down the list of things that I am wearing, which makes it feel disjointed. There are times I want to delve deeper about a topic but not having the right platform to do so. There is also the pressure to post photos for engagement and finding the sweet spot of photo to text ratio (which I don’t know much about anyways).

People have told me they enjoy when I talk about things behind the scenes of a certain shoot that I did, or wanting to know more on how a concept was brought from beginning to end. These are things I simply can’t do a real quick blurb about.

With my busy schedule I find that blogging is a project that I can easily pick up and put down. I’ll type a few sentences here or there when I have the time, or if I don’t I’ll put together a really rough draft with bullet notes thrown in. I can then take the time to build a post.

what do you hope to gain out of blogging

With blogging no longer in its heyday I hope to have a repository of things all in one place. I’ve always liked journaling; I have kept all the diaries I written in from ever since I was a kid.

what do you like to/plan to blog about

Ideally this platform will be a place that can centralize the things I do, where I post stuff, and the different communities I like to engage in. The overall goal is to simply have a space to do what I want and possibly showcase the things I do or am proud of. I don’t know what shape this will take, only that I want this to be a project that is fun and something I would look forward to do.