La vie en Rose! 2015

Another year and another trip! I was a lot more prepared on what to expect when it comes to traveling overseas for an event. I was also more comfortable navigating through airports and public transportation to get to wherever it was we were staying. My daughter was also another year older and with that a bit more independent and less worry on my end. I had such a blast last year for Enchanted that when another opportunity to travel presented itself I was a lot more eager to sign up!

This time the event was to be held in Paris, which was a place I had traveled to before with my sister, so it didn’t feel as nerve wracking.

flight day

I was able to book tickets from the San Jose airport, which was super convenient over having to fly out of San Francisco. It cost more flying from SJC, but paying more for peace of mind was definitely worth it.

When it’s a lolita/fashion getaway thing I like to try and dress up almost every day, including travel days, because to me my adventure starts on the first day of traveling! So for my departure I decided to wear the British Library JSK by Jane Marple. I like that it’s fairly low key and doesn’t take up a lot of real estate. It’s a very comfortable dress and I reach for it fairly often if I’ll be in a plane.

This dress is one of the many that I have bought from Jo throughout our friendship over the years. Our style overlaps in many aspects, so whenever she is clearing her wardrobe I can’t help but do a little bit of shopping!

Jo actually wore this dress when we were in London, so it’s already quite a jet setter!

Being in a plane by myself can be a bit boring, especially if it is a long flight. Sometimes I am able to work on editing videos, or do some sort of craft to pass the time. Most of the time I’ll try to sleep as much as I can to try to get in front of time differences but it’s not always successful.

This time I wasn’t flying alone though…

was going to travel with me! The more the merrier! We’re also into the same niche fashion so it was wonderful to have someone also going to the Paris event!

For La vie en Rose I would be meeting up with a bunch of familiar faces, and I was looking forward to plenty of days around the event to sightsee and spend time with friends.

This time our group consisted of familiar faces. Jo, obviously, would be going to this along with Irene, Mandy, and Joana would be spending a day or two with us as well!

In addition we had also picked out an amazing AirBnB with plenty of space with everyone.

La vie en Rose


What’s best than the most romantic city in the world to see La vie en Rose? This winter, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Street Fashion Europe and French Café are happy to welcome you to an exceptional event on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of February 2015 ✧( ु•⌄• )◞◟( •⌄• ू )✧

You are invited to celebrate an unforgettable wedding. We are delighted to announce that La vie en Rose will be an event organised in exclusive collaboration with the iconic brand Baby, the Stars Shine Bright!

On the program this year : Masumi Kanoh (designer of Btssb) will represent her brand. BABI and KAIE from Triple Fortune will also honor us with their presence, as well as Ayumi Watanabe from Syrup. and Hitomi Nomura from Grimoire! Don’t miss also enchanting fashion shows, including the new exclusive collections of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Triple Fortune! Numerous booths of indie and Japanese brands will also join us to make this romantic day a perfect one.

Bake your chocolate cookies, and write your love letters, SFE Valentine’s Celebration is coming! ꒰◍•̤ु௰•̤ु꒱*♡

Location reveal

This is the beginning of a wonderful story. It is time for us to reveal where our first romantic rendez-vous will take place!(^▽^)

Close to the Champs Elysées, the most beautiful avenue in the world, we invite you to meet us on the 21st of February 2015 at the Hotel du Collectionneur. This prestigious hotel will be opened for you from 11:00 am to 17:00 pm without interruption. This location, carefully selected for its Art Deco beauty and early-30s atmosphere, will charm you as the ideal place for a Valentine celebration.

To enjoy this enchanting date even more, what’s best than a bit of sweetness? We are pleased to announce that on the 22nd of February 2015, the tea party for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright anniversary will take place at Fauchon, one of the most famous gourmet grocery shops in France!

You can learn more on the Btssb Tea Party right here : ☆~(ゝ。∂)

C’est le début d’une belle histoire entre nous. Il est donc temps de vous révéler le lieu de notre premier rendez-vous romantique ! (^▽^)

A deux pas des Champs Elysées, la plus belle avenue du monde, nous vous invitons à nous rejoindre le samedi 21 février 2015 à l’Hotel du Collectionneur, un grand hôtel prestigieux dont les portes vous seront ouvertes de 11h à 17h sans interruption. Ce lieu, choisi avec soin pour son raffinement Art Décoratif et sa beauté du début du 20ème siècle, laissera vos cœurs rêveurs et vos esprits charmés.

Pour prolonger ce premier rendez-vous enchanteur, quoi de mieux que quelques douceurs ? Nous pouvons d’ores et déjà vous annoncer que la tea party Baby, the Stars Shine Bright du dimanche 22 février 2015 se déroulera chez Fauchon, établissement emblématique de l’épicerie fine française !

L’événement officiel de la Tea Party Btssb est disponible juste ici : ☆~(ゝ。∂)

planes and trains

Not much to vlog about en route to our destination. We had a layover in Amsterdam, and it was great to get out and stretch for a bit before getting back on the plane. I bought a Miffy plushy as one of my first souvenir gifts.

As I recall, the flight wasn’t too bad. The food was alright and the ride was pretty smooth. I don’t think I slept much (still perfecting my travel routine) so I ended up watching a lot of movies.

cold feet

It was chilly in Paris, and it quickly became apparent that I was wearing the wrong shoes, namely a pair of Melissa flats, thinking they’d be ideal for the many miles (or kilometers) of upcoming travel by foot. What I hadn’t anticipated was the endlessly cold concrete sapping the warmth from my feet with every step, to the point that it became difficult to walk.

They are very cute and lovely but I believe this was the the start of the slow realization that ballerina flats and I just don’t get along.

I also have an old knee injury that tends to flare up in cold weather that didn’t make walking any more comfortable. So, my first plan in Paris was to find a comfortable pair of boots to stay warm.

My pair of Melissa flats

First group photo! With Shannie, Jo, Irene, Mandy, Mila, and Marie

We managed to find a small store that had a pair of boots that were reasonably priced, warm, and comfy to wear. It made walking around so much more bearable since I don’t think I would have managed to get around on foot during our time there. Jo liked them as well so we each bought a pair!

We ended the day meeting up with some of the French Lolitas for a meal, followed by an early bedtime. It was very much needed for the days ahead.


So I am totally not a morning person, but I will try my hardest to be up and ready early when I am on a trip with others, as I really don’t want to be the one that lags behind. Also I kind of roll with the jet lag so if I’m up at dawn then that’s what I’ll deal with. I’m also used to having terrible sleep during my first night anywhere new, so for me tiredness is par for the course.

This is the dress I wore for our first full day, the Chandelier print by Angelic Pretty (I think this was also a purchase from Jo!).

Looking back I am so glad I brought a couple of velveteen dresses for warmth. I am so used to winters in California that anything remotely under 60°F/15°C is considered too cold for my liking.

My room

The Air BnB we rented was a pretty awesome flat, everyone had their own rooms and the decorations were impeccable.

Mine was a smaller room but it had a private bathroom. I loved having this separation from everyone else in order to recharge and be alone. I could edit vlogs or stay up late without needing to bother anyone. After this trip I’ve made it a point that whenever we travel I would request having a room and/or a bathroom if the places we chose allowed for it. I don’t mind paying extra if it makes the trip that much more enjoyable.

The plan for the day was to take a trip down the catacombs. I have been there a few times and each time it has been a different journey.

We met up with another group while we were waiting for our turn; it is always so delightful when we can get together in person despite the location. I have seen familiar faces in London, Paris, Germany, Finland, Estonia, etc. and I can never get over the fact that this fashion can bring so many of us together no matter the distance!

The catacombs was very damp, quiet, and cold. It is pretty dark once you go down the stairs and there are people there who will steer you in the proper direction and to remind you to keep your voices down. It makes for a very eerie experience. I am sad to say that the last time I went I noticed quite a few skulls either broken or straight up missing from people trying to vandalize and steal.

 Group photo down in the labyrinthine Catacombs.  The site is cold, dark, eerie, and very easy to get lost.  

There was a house party later on that night; a great way to mingle and meet with others. I enjoy these more casual and intimate settings, as I feel like I can take the time to chat with other lolitas. In the events themselves, everyone usually seems so busy; in this setting I don’t feel pressured to need to say the right thing right away, and I can take my time to listen and get to know people comfortably.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Joana, another lolita mama I greatly admire. We didn’t get much time together when we were in London, but since she was staying with us for part of the trip, I was able to enjoy her company.

Ladurée – a must for any lolita!

“Parisian goth bedroom of my dreams” – Jo


On this day, I wore Chocolate Rosette by Angelic Pretty, a little splash of color from my otherwise primarily black wardrobe. For this trip, breakfast usually consisted of a croissant and a cup of coffee.

We went to the BtSSB store and tried on some things. I found it interesting that at the San Francisco store they don’t allow photography or video, but here in Paris, they were okay with it!

I tried on a salopette that I eventually ended up buying, via Jo by way of our shopping service in Japan.

After our BtSSB visit we went to Axes Femme. There were countless pretty things, but nothing that was in my style. But, downstairs…Mandy found a swing!

Chocolate Rosette JSK ジャンパースカート by Angelic Pretty

This was the print I wore.  This was another comfortable dress, made from fairly thick material, which was great for this trip.

More mirrors…

Another day, another selfie. But this time out in the hall rather than my room.

Joana and I! She’s very important to me and we try to write to each other often. Our children are also pen pals.

This was our delectable meal at Mariage Frères. We met up with a few others so we were split up into different tables. It was nice to have someplace to sit after walking, as well as some tea to warm up.

Unfortunately this is the last time I ate shellfish, because a few hours later I found out that I’ve apparent developed an allergy to it. I had some delicious scallops but alas, it wreaked havoc on me.

Due to this, I ended up having to sit out the end of this vlog, with Irene taking over when they headed out to the museum (Palais de Tokyo). At least I got a glimpse of the exhibits from the footage!

White Rabbit Salopette
時計うさぎのサロペット by alice and
the pirates

The salopette I tried on and eventually bought.

AP Lucky Key sandwich!


The big day is here! Up and at ’em in the early hours. The outfit I decided to wear was based on the Maleficent JSK by Alice and the Pirates. The print on that dress is inspired by my favorite Disney villain of all time, Maleficent, from the 1959 feature film Sleeping Beauty. When it was released, I was hemming and hawing over whether to grab for so long it that I missed the window. But, luckily, I found a listing over on Lacemarket and snatched it up.

Really glad I managed to grab the purple colorway over the blue. It just feels more like Maleficent to me. Someday I want to wear it to Disneyland.

Another selfie. This time a sort of teaser shot of my outfit; focusing a bit more on my makeup, jewelry, and accessories. My sister had those earrings on her wish list, and I couldn’t resist nabbing a pair for myself when I bought them for her for Christmas. The necklace was also a gift from my sister, something she bought for me on our very first trip to Paris!

Here’s the outfit! I went for a dark look with my makeup to match with the dress and accoutrements. Here is a rundown:

I’d set my hair into pin curls the night before, then in the morning I brushed it out and styled it into this sort of curled bob. I mostly wanted to keep my hair out of the way, and have it complement the hat with the curls and proportions.

The makeup was a dark and smoky eye, with a deep berry lip color. I wanted to stick to cool, subdued tones to pair well with the dark colors in the dress.

The event was held at the Hotel du Collectionneur, and the venue was incredibly beautiful. I absolutely loved the dramatic staircase leading up to the event.

It’s so wonderful to see so many gorgeous outfits in one place. It’s one thing to see people’s coordinates in photos, but seeing them in person is something else entirely. I love seeing how the dresses drape and move, and the explosion of frills and lace. The opulence of this fashion always gets me.

We were lucky again this year to have our photo taken by this amazing photographer. He pays so much attention to detail in these group shots, and being framed with this beautiful gate gives it such a Parisian feel.

After the event, Jo and I decided to take a little evening stroll through Paris; such a photogenic city.


Party time!

We all got ready together this morning. As usual, Irene was great at helping everyone prepare for the day. From putting on falsies to helping out with hair or tying back bows, I can always count on her assistance.

Disney x Alice & the Pirates JSK ドレス ALICE and the PIRATES アリス

Jo and I decided to twin on this day, wearing another fun Disney villain dress: the Red Queen! I decided to pair my dress with lighter accessories to complement Jo’s styling. I’m not sure if I was successful in that regard, but it was still fun.

Such a wonderful group of people; Mandy, myself, Joana, Jo, and Irene

The circus gang!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Paris – 8th Anniversary Party by SFE


Like icing on the cake, the day after La vie en Rose the Street Fashion Europe team will make your Parisian week-end even more exciting and romantic with a special afternoon event!

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Street Fashion Europe will welcome you to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Btssb Paris store. Can you guess the opening date of the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright shop in Paris? February 22nd 2007! What a delicious coincidence~ (⌒∇⌒)♡

Join us on Sunday, 22nd February 2015 for a charming Tea Party at Fauchon Café, one of the most famous gourmet grocery shops in France. Pastries, éclairs, macarons… All these delightful treats are already waiting for you!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright would like to thank all the participants by offering them an amazing afternoon: you can expect an exclusive Btssb gift for every attendant, a raffle, and a special prize for the best Btssb and Aatp coordinates ☆~(ゝ。∂)

La vie n Rose. (2015, February) Retrieved from <>


Cerise sur le gâteau, le lendemain de La vie en Rose, l’équipe du Street Fashion Europe prolonge votre week-end romantique à Paris, avec un événement des plus spéciaux !

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright et Street Fashion Europe vous accueillent pour célébrer ensemble le 8ème anniversaire de la boutique Btssb Paris. Savez-vous quand a ouvert la boutique parisienne de Btssb ? Le 22 février 2007, quelle délicieuse coincidence~ (⌒∇⌒)♡

Rejoignez-nous, le dimanche 22 février 2015, pour une charmante après-midi à Fauchon Le Café, établissement emblématique de l’épicerie fine française. Pâtisseries, éclairs, macarons, … Tous ces délicieux mets vous attendent déjà !

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright tient à remercier ses clients en leur offrant une après-midi à couper le souffler : un cadeau exclusif Btssb pour chaque participante ainsi qu’une tombola et une élection des meilleures coordinations Btsss et Aatp sont à prévoir ☆~(ゝ。∂)

The tea party was held in Fauchon.

It was a little uncomfortable waiting in line while tourists unabashedly took photos without permission. Most of the time if a passerby asks I will oblige, but it feels so invasive when people will take photos without consent.

Once inside though, the venue was beautiful.

The pastries were delightful and tasty. Our group wasn’t able to sit together, but c’est la vie. It put me a little outside of my comfort zone, but I also got to meet people.

The BtSSB designers were here at the venue, along with Triple Fortune. I didn’t get to see or talk to them much; I was too busy flitting around with friends and seeing the other coordinates people wore. The event also felt a little bittersweet since it was Joana’s last day in Paris.

Some last minute photos we took after the tea party. We had to hustle a bit for that last bit of light, but I like how they turned out.

And then, another party! Much more chill and casual this time. I think most of us were pretty tired at this point.


Now that the big events were over we switched gears to do more sightseeing, first up was Cimetière du Père-Lachaise.

Victorian Tassel JSK ジャンパースカート by Angelic Pretty

I twinned with Jo again this day. We decided to wear Victorian Tassel by Angelic Pretty. All of these velveteen dresses really helped keep me warm during the chilly Parisian winter.

I borrowed a beret from Mandy, which was fuzzy and warm. I also wore one of the pairs of boots I bought on this trip, which was also lined with a nice fur-like material. On top of that I also had on a pair of fleece-lined tights. I was much more prepared for the cold on this day than the day of my arrival!

Some shots of Mandy and Irene here. In hindsight I think I should have left my big DSLR at home. I brought it along for this trip as well as this outing, but its size caught the eye of security personnel, who apparently thought we were doing some sort of surreptitious photoshoot and asked us to put it away, which was a bummer.

Nowadays I travel with only my vlog cam, and it also doubles as my regular camera, which lightens my travel load considerably.

Next up: Musée des Arts Forains!

This place was so surreal! Vintage carousels and merry-go-rounds, games, pipe organs… it was so delightfully whimsical.


Another early morning start. We had to take a couple of trains from where we were over to Versailles. This was my second time visiting Versailles, which was great because I didn’t feel pressure to have to see everything in one day.

I decided on wearing my Bookmark JSK by Angelic Pretty. We didn’t want to risk being denied entry by looking too dressed up, so we toned down our outfits to what we felt was appropriate: no petticoats, no big hats, no super ornate hairstyles, etc. I did a simple bun for myself and borrowed a jacket to cover up (I didn’t want to risk it with my coat).

Here was my sort-of outfit shot, taken by Irene. It was in one of the least populated areas in Versailles.

I forgot where I bought this dress, but I enjoy the simpler looking and asymmetric detailing. I’ve yet to come up with an outfit that does justice to this it since I tend to wear it in a more casual way.

We spent most of our day wandering the halls of Versailles. It was a welcome change from all the hustle and bustle this trip became at times. I find the peripheral days around the events can also be some of the most enjoyable. This was also our last full day together so we really wanted to make it count.

And then for the last item on our trip, Le Crazy Horse de Paris!

I absolutely loved this! The performers were amazing and it was a wonderful way to end the trip with a bang.

coming home!

super early morning start. I went back to my trusty British Library dress for the trip back home. This Air BnB was one of the best ones I’ve stayed at, so I was sad to leave my little room.

Shannie and I got to travel back together, so it was nice to have some company. I didn’t get much rest the night before though, so I spent most of the flight sleeping. The plane wasn’t too crowded so we were able to have a couple of rows to ourselves to stretch out.

The rest of this vlog is getting back home and doling out gifts. I love the running tackle hugs my children give me and this was no exception. Coming back home is also a transition for me; leaving the fashion and travel world to becoming regular Mars Mama. It’s a world that’s very insular and comforting, which is something I need after a big trip.

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